OCR: http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/by-subject/classics/ Offering Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient History and Classical Civilisation at both GCSE and A Level, and Entry Level Latin.

http://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/latin/ Offering Latin at GCSE.

ARLT Summer School for teachers of classical subjects. Held at various locations.www.arlt.co.uk/ 

UK  Classics summer schools 2020



Classics for All: http://classicsforall.org.uk/get-involved/schools/resources/ Information about the use of multi-media resources in Classics and a guide to setting up Classics in schools.

Classical Association: http://www.classicalassociation.org/ INSET days for teachers and conferences.

The Classics Library: http://www.theclassicslibrary.com/ sharing news, events, resources and ideas about Classics teaching. 

Classics Resources: www.classicsresources.info A whole host of useful websites and resources relating to the study of the Ancient World. 

Hellenic Book Service http://hellenicbookservice.com/ 

Minimus: http://www.minimus-etc.co.uk/ Information about the popular Minimus Latin course for primary school students. 

Maximum Classics and Mega Greek: free online primary courses  https://maximumclassics.com/ 

Basil Batrakhos innovative, new Greek course for students aged 9-12 https://basilbatrakhos.com/  

Literacy through Classics: http://literacythroughclassics.weebly.com/ Some fantastic resources for primary schools on Latin, Greek, The Romans and The Celts designed by Classics students and staff at Swansea University.

Classics in Communities: https://classicsincommunities.org/teaching-materials/  

Association for Latin Teaching: http://www.arlt.co.uk/ Summer schools and refresher days for teachers. 

 Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies:http://www.hellenicsociety.org.uk/ The society aims to help those engaged in Hellenic Studies at all levels.

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